She broke the silence once again, she could never be quite for more than a minute, and looking deeply through the window she said “Everything is so unfair. I mean, you can see a huge hypocrite religious multitude joined together against gay marriage arguing that it is a sin and that God doesn’t allow it. But when have we seen anybody fighting against legal divorce, huh? Never! In that case it seems they forget about what God says and just do whatever is better for them. They’re just assholes hating the wrong people when they should be hating themselves for their discrimination.” She ended her comment, or at least that’s what it seemed, but she kept looking to the streets that were full of people whit dull banners against homosexuals. “Or what do you think?” Suddenly, she turned her head staring at me as she asked me with curiosity. I wasn’t expecting any question so my answer was pretty vague. “I don’t know.” I turned to the window trying to evade her look. “What do you mean you don’t know? You don’t know if their truly assholes? I can assure you they are. How do they dare to act like numbs when they’re just as human an imperfect as anyone else in this lost world…” This time I didn’t let her end her comment, I really didn’t want to hear the emotional speech after that. “Cut it off, you’re just being sentimental.” She stared at me with disbelief and answered back immediately. “Being sentimental? I’m totally furious with this joke! What I’m talking about is a serious thing. Obviously you don’t understand because you are just afraid of critics, of what they’ll think about you if you stand up and fight them back!” She was almost shouting by the time she ended that sentence. I didn’t move a muscle; I didn’t want to show my surprise at her reaction while the people on the tables around us started looking at us. “Calm down, girl. You women are always so emotional.” I attempted to look cool and relax but after my last word has been said I knew I’ve made a mistake. A huge one. “Oh ´we women´; lucky you for being a man, one of those strong and rigid animals that have no feelings to deal with, right?” She hit the table with fury while I couldn’t ignore all the cruel sarcasm in her words. In less than a second she stood up and looked like leaving but for some reason she changed her mind and stayed there to continue her discourse. “You’re a jerk” She said pointing to my face “And you must know that I feel pity about ´you men´ because I’m sure you have the same load of emotions that women but the only difference between you and me is that THANKS GOD ´WE WOMEN´ HAVE THE BALLS TO EXPRESS OUR EMOTIONS!”. She walked fast out of the restaurant leaving an empty seat in my table and a crowd of wide open eyes around me. As she went farther from me I started thinking seriously in her question, probably all I had to do was tell her she was right, because maybe she wasn’t looking for an answer but for support…

Fer I.


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