Helpful PACKING steps!

So were finally near of HOLIDAY TIME! Maybe it’s been a while since we don’t go on a trip or maybe we haven’t had an adventure for too long, on the other side you could probably had travel last weekend, but what is almost sure is that we all have a rough time while packing.

As women our baggage is usually heavy (even our handbags) and we are not used to carrying just one suitcase but MANY! For sure, guys always ask themselves WHY? Why do girls carry so much? What’s the treasure on the bag…?

Bad new, there’s no treasure. And what is even worse is that there are not really necessary things inside too. I don’t need to go on with how many unnecessary things we carry because we can’t decide what to take and what to leave but I can get started explaining5 easy steps that will help us while packing(:


Knowing your destiny and its characteristics will be a really helpful thing to know because it will give you the chance to pack with more certainty. If you know how the weather is then you may not need to carry a bikini if it’s cold or a jacket if it’s too hot. Also if you’re a visiting a culture that is hugely different from yours it would be helpful to know their moral ideals, for example, there are countries were women can’t use short skirts and they’re even legally punish if the do it.

On the other hand if what you’re about to live is an adventure and you’re not sure where it will take you… You may want to check the next step(;


We know that fashion is a wide world of options but when traveling we should bereally selective on our choices. You can’t travel with all your closet in your case(no matter how much you want it) so you must be wise at your clothing decisions.

Which clothes are consider basics? Jeans, t-shirts (long and short sleeved & black and white principally), a sweater or a jacket, a black dress (casual but classy), skirts and shorts, khaki pants, sweatshirt and pants, bathsuit and pijamas. Oh, and don’t forget your underware!

If you have already pack all this basics you can stay calm because you’ll be FINE! Now all you have to do is play with the combinations and do the best out of it(:


Here is were the tricky part starts. If packing was all about basics it would be pretty dull but fortunately if you are lucky enough to know how to use this secret then you will be able to pack a fancy cute bag.

After packing your basic wardrobe you must choose which color will make your “key palette” this means you have to find clothes, shoes and accesories of the same tones that can be easy to match. Remember you already have the basics but now you need to add COLOR to your outfits, the trick comes in choosing onecolor because if you don’t do this you’ll end with overbaggage!



Again it all comes to THINKING what is more likely to be useful during our trip. Certainly our new pair of stilettos seems like a “must” in every occasion but being realistic, they may not be as comfortable as we need. Talking about trip-shoes we must be strong enough to rationalize them knowing that shoes occupate more space than anything else.

Which shoes to choose? Flats (always beautiful, easy matching, not to big for our bags and also comfortable), sneakers (they will be the perfect ally for long walks), sandals with no heels (if the place is too hot or there’s sand and sea), if really necessary just a pair of heels or boots.


The right accesorie can make your hole outfit the BEST. At the end everything falls into the DETAILS. By now your portmanteau must be already great (just with the necessary but still awesome)  however we never stop in the pursuit of greatness(; we always want to look even better, so here’s the ultimate secret you don’t want to miss: FIND THE RIGHT ACCESORIES. Since accesories are not too big you can feel freer to choose but be careful at doing good matches.

What’s consider as an accesorie? Everything that’s not clothes or shoes. Belts, hats, handbags, palestines, watches, jewelry, and so on…

Finally, remember that better isn’t a synonym of more, you can look beautiful without exaggerating on the details. Know that a cute neckleace or an elegant pair of earrings can make the difference just like a sincere smile in your face<3

P.S. I don’t own the images but I found it truly helpful<3


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