How to lose a guy in 10 days (?)


A classic film, a must-watch for girls (and boys too), a romantic comedy that gots the perfect balance between the love and the laughter… or at least a perfect film to enjoy on a rainy day, lying in bed with junk food, a blanket and you own cheeky self 🙂


Aside from the actors that include: the romantic comedy actress for excelence, Kate Hudson, and the sexy young Matthew, McConaughey; the so dreamed work of every girl as a “fashion magazine journalist” and the best location for every big film, New York… this movie (as I see it) shows us principally how women and men have the same “final interest” after all because at the end it all comes down to one thing (believe it or not) LOVE.


Yes, I’m sorry to disappoint you if you do not agree with me but no matter how much do you try to act as you don’t care about it or how much do you pretend to have “bigger things” in mind… you (as me) will end up wondering about it sometime, or about that special person, or basically about the only thing that hasn’t change completely in this world and that no matter how much we hate to admit it, love, will always save us from being simple animals among the rest.


And all this is simply because LOVE is so pure, is so natural and inevitable that even though nobody is sure of how to handle it, no one knows its exact definition and nobody is sure to like it… every one of us have felt it at least once in our life and none of us can scape from it, none of us wants to either, not really… not at all…



I can’t deny that no matter how much I try to look farther in the hidden message of every movie, a chicflick will always come down to 3 main things :

1- The super handsome guy

2- The cheeky moments = best kisses

3- The cheesy romantic quotes


So now you know, if somebody ever tells you that they don’t give a shit about love or that romantic comedies suck…

You can bet that it is all BULLSHIT.




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