So in love with SUMMER LOVE

I’m truly in love with “summer love”…

First of all this season is an undeniable source of
adventure, expectancy, emotions and memories
that’ll last forever.

No classes, less work, free time, friends, trips and new opportunities ahead!

All this is enough for me to go crazy about summer

but lately I’ve been head over heels about an specific part of it:



Is not just the way movies, books or tv series show it but it’s the real way “love is in the air” when the sun is burning in the sky (I’m afraid of being just silly or excessively romantic but for the things I’ve seen -and lived- I believe I have reasons to write about it) and I know that this kind of love happens everywhere and could happen to anyone, but for this occasion, I’ll write about the one special case we’re most used to: summer love at the beach*

Because this ´kind´of love has transcended in such a way that is mostly why it’s worlwidely known with those two words used together so much, that it almost seems they are eternally joined (summer+love). I mean, is supposed that ´love´ happens all year long,  so why do we specify the season (?)

Well, the so called “summer love” is so different to any other romantic relation that could happen the rest of the year. And now I’ll tell you WHY:

Because “summer love” is everything we commonly dream of doing without second thoughts: to flirt, have fun and still chill

It doesn’t really matter how out-going you are nor if you’re usually shy::: at this time of the year you are free to act no strings attached!

-> Let’s review basically HOW SUMMER LOVIN’ WORKS:

You’re far away home, nobody knows you so as a matter of fact you have the opportunity of be however you want to be, there’s no chance you’re wearing make up or coats to hide yourself in, so either you lose all your shyness or start accepting yourself as you are (and feeling comfortable about it because finally that’s why you travel: to relax and enjoy)

After having this few points settled down, comes the action, reaction and interaction*** Boys & girls´attraction

I saddly believe we’ve created an idea of love so complicated that we are more used to find it impossible to reach the person we like and giving up even before trying… we’ve even called it “platonic love”! At times when we think we don’t deserve the person or that he/she would never like us. The truth is we OVERTHINK </3

The magic of “summer love” comes within a word: ACT.

We just feel, avoid thinking and start acting!

Decisions feel way easier in the summer when every move you make is lighter than how it seemed back home where you know there’s people watching you and dying to talk about it (even though haters shouldn’t stop you from acting) but when you’re on a different place where nobody knows you and nobody cares(!)
you feel safer to take the first step ~and why not?~ You realize that after that discovery of social invulnerability, what is there to lose?

So things get funnier(: you see someone attractive, you decide that you’ll like to have one shot to get to know them and anyway, if that person doesn’t shows interest in you too, what’s the problem?

*The huge advantage in this season is that we’re conscious of one clear fact: everyone wants a summer love. Maybe it’s because it is such a cliché or one of the first things that comes to your mind when being at the beach, being young and feeling wild.  Anyway, this FACT makes us feel safer, like gambling with more chances (or gambling drunk lol) and even though we know that we’re not the only ones with a flirting attitude… we do feel LUCKY! But the rest of the year we forget that the same “clear fact” exists: everyone wants to be loved.

Anyhow, you take the FIRST STEP (the hardest one) when literally you have to move your feet towards that ´attractive´ person. It requires a bit of strength not to turn around just before reaching him/her but it’s all woth it (trust me!) After you say the first word you’ll feel that you’ve lost a lot of weight in your soul 😉 because nothing else would matter as much as the fact that YOU DID IT, you talk to the person, you reached your objective, you were brave enough, you acted (which is way better than keeping quite when you feel like shouting)

—And the best part of the story is about to begin!!!

Guys and girls, girls and guys, girl likes guy and guy likes girl

After having those first words it’s highly possible that something big starts. Luckily there’s no pretending. Everyone knows that you (as well as them) are only there for a good time. And without first date, fancy presents or social conventionalities, we only stick to the real feeling. For sure both of you are willing to have fun (‘cause in summer that’s what’s all about) the rest will obviously depend on the chemestry between you and so on (as usual) but at the end, we know…

And here’s the magic of summer love stories compared with normal love stories:

For some of the reasons you’ve already read here, and the many others I haven’t write about yet, in summer we just don’t care about what others might say. When we find someone we like we don’t have to think much about it, we just go for it! We talk to him/her and wish for the best and enjoy the moment, the feeling, the experience.

There’s a given certainty that both of you are looking for the same: some fun. And when you’re at the beach about to talk to someone you’’ll probably never see again:: you stop worrying and start caring to don’t let go the opportunity. Whatever if he/she corresponds you… nevertheless you seize the moment, you tried once and you won’t be wondering “what if..” for the rest of your life! PLUS, you might actually have found love (even if it isn’t forever it can be true).

Another unique characteristic of the season is the way TIME loses its boring rhythm; you know how it can be so linear at daily life with our everyday rutines but in summer… time goes up and down, side to side and turned around

(who actually cares about time!?)

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing volleyball at sunset or if you’re dancing at midnight nor if you’re swimming in the morning. In summer you’ll live the longest nights holding hands, walking in the sand or lying on the beach, the days will be so different between random talks and silly laughs that every second will be special and
will seem to last FOREVER.

Yes, it’s true, you’ll start living for the moment. In my opinion, it’s kind of the only time we honestly live as if there was NO tomorrow.  We actually forget -for at least a short period- that eventually everything will come to an end. So we enjoy, we smile, we love… until we have to say “goodbye”

So, YES, I truly believe that “summer love” is simply  the perfect representation of TRUE LOVE (!) This emotion that is so idealized, so wished, so dreamed and such a cliché~ but at the same time and most importantly: it’s so easy, so simple and so common…

Fer S.


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