1* Wild Heart

This week one of my best friends –with the best music taste– shared with me a song from a british boyband. I felt surprised when I saw it wasn’t One Direction nor The Wanted but a not so popular band with one less singer “The Vamps”.


This boyband consists in 4 members who are young, cool and wild 😉 their first official single is called “Can we dance?” (if you watch their music video you’ll have an insight to a hollywood teenage’s party) but way before they had a music contract they were already famous in youtube, so here’s their first original song called “Wildheart” but now instead of being just a one word title it’s divided in two and their official music video is multiplied in production: “Wild heart” The Vamps – Official music video

Aside from the landscape, the sunsets, the cars and the indie clothes this is great for showing the “dream road trip” with friends, music and teenage freedom. The way they play, they laugh and they dance while they are on the road singing to this song makes you wanna run away with them(!)

You can click on the next images to watch them full screen:

I also found this other video of the same song ~and loved it too: Wild Heart – Video & lyrics

…About the lyrics (“Wild heart” The Vamps – Lyrics)

I was walking away but she’s so beautiful it made me stay.
I don’t know her name but I’m hoping she might feel the same… 

So here I go again, she got my heart again!

Tonight we’ll dance. I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.
We won’t look back, take my hand and we will shine.
Oh, she needs a WILD HEART (I got a wild heart)
Stay here, my dear, feels like I’ve been standing right here for years…
My mind’s beat up. Tell me that you feel this, and I won’t give up.

I know it’s late, I know it’s cold but come right here, I swear I’ll never let you go.
The way you move, it’s wonderful… Let’s do it now ‘cause one day we’ll both be old.



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