Friday Outfit!

Today I felt on the mood of relaxing and just enjoying the day. So what can be better than wearing your classic converse on a friday? A pair of those and a knit sweater on this windy day are everything I needed ❤ of course I added a cool necklace that somebody special gave me and at morning I also wore a jeans jacket because of the cold.


Never look down. Except for checking your shoes 😉


Chillin’ with my converse


Selfie with H&M sweater and SXY jeans 😀


My necklace with an indian hand, an elephant head and other cute things (:

I got many fashionable friends but today I picked two of them with some awesome clothes and accesories (!)


BOY ~music theme shirt from a concert of the mexican rock band called Zoe


GIRL ~ Purple handbag and rude tiger shirt from Zara

So, yeah, too cool for school *** let’s keep enjoying this weekend!


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