8* Crazy for this girl

Truly I heard this song for the first time yesterday and that’s because I’m lucky enough to have best friends with the best music taste who recommend me great but barely known tunes 🙂 I don’t even have to mention how much I thank them for always helping me with musical inspiration bust most of all with their support!

Today’s song is the most famous single of “Evan and Jaron” who release it in October of 2000.

Whatever happened to them? I love this song.

If you want to go back in time a little and experience a complete 2000’s style kind of love staring “young” adults with absentminded beautiful glances and “mature” attitudes (along with their friends) as those of teenagers in love, then you must watch the official music video of this song called “Crazy for this girl”

Evan and Jaron

There you’ll also enjoy a private recorded gig in an ordinary american bar that will include a disco ball and a piano as final act. Yeah, that cool is it (!)

And by the way you should know this fun fact: Evan Mitchell Lowenstein and his identical good looking twin brother Jaron David come from Georgia, US 😉

As for the lyrics, they are very explicit, the common situation of “guy likes girl and he wonder if she knows” but the great news is that while you listen to the cheesy rhythm of the chorus you’re are getting prepared for a really optimistic end. The moment when you know you are sure of something big.

Yes, that weird moment of total certainty that just happens once or twice in our lives but that will last forever ❤

…And here you can appreciate the lyrics :

She rolls the window down
and she talks over the sound of the cars that pass us by
nd I don’t know why but she’s changed my mind

Would you look at her? She looks at me!
She’s got me thinking about her constantly but she don’t know how I feel
and as she carries on without a doubt I wonder if she’s figured it out
I’m crazy for this girl…

She was the one to hold me, the night the sky fell down
And what was I thinking when the world didn’t end
Why didn’t I know what I know now?


Right now
Face to face
All my fears pushed aside
And right now
I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you.



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