18* Slumville Sunrise

Today I had to keep up with the british feeling in this blog so clarifying that not only british bands are awesome but all british who make music, we have a song presented by Jake Bugg.

He is just 20 years old and plays folk/rock.

He has released 2 albums since 2012,

his second album is called “Shangri La”

in which is included today’s song (:

The official music video includes a pretty orginal film-animation style presented at first as a 20 seconds secuence after minute 1:30 and that repeats itself agian at minute 2:15 adding extravagant and bizarre characters to compelte the persecution and the psychodelic guitar solo of the song.

…And the unique lyrics :

The wind keeps beating on my window. I haven’t slept all night.
That drum just keeps on banging.
They must be buzzin’ out their minds
Like bees in a hive
Tell me when the morning arrives.

This place is just not for me
I say it all the time.
My friends they just ignore me.
Tell me “nevermind”,
Waiting all your life for the Slumville Sunrise.

Slumville Sunrise.
Nobody cares or looks twice.
Shout away in the morning across this place where I was born in.
Every bruise, every flower illuminated by the dawning.

My face upon the concrete,
The dirt is in my mouth.
I clench my fist and feet.
I’m tryna cry out loud.
Make a sound, something is keeping me down.



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