21* Anna Sun

When my friend sent me a message saying “listen to walk the moon-anna sun” I thought “oh, great Anna, will be cool listening to a girl and Walk the moon what a cool name for a song”

Then I went to youtube and when I saw a guy singing I got confused until it snapped me!



“Walk the moon” is the great band’s name of today presenting its song “Anna Sun” 🙂

{First song in my blog with a person’s name on it}

This is a usual indie rock band that comes from Cincinnati, OHIO (!)

They released their album debut “I want! I want!” in 2010 the same year its lead singer called Nicholas Petricca (who started the band in 2008) after several members changes finally found the perfect 3 to complete the band.


And remember that at the beginning of this post I wrote “Walk the moon what a cool name for a song” well, the band was actually called like that after the song “Walking the moon” from The Police.


On the other side, today’s song has a background story:

It was written after a college professor and at the same time it’s meant to symbolize youth. As Petricca said basically the message is “Don’t be afraid to play” and as I get it is an accurate binnacle of what he used to do in College, party hard and enjoy the ride!

The official music video is goes so naturally fast that you wouldn’t believe it is in fact 5:24 minutes long and  is one continuos shot for about 3 minutes!


In general this video is a praiseworthy production from the scenarios to the costumes without mentioning the perfect timing that surprised me a lot because even after being edited the lip dubbing is exact.



Some details that catched my eye were:

The typography, the fleeting graphics and the photography of the beginning,  the line of make up beside Petricca’s eye, the kind of harlem-shake choreographies, the steady way of the camera following him through halls, rooms or stairs, and mostly all the dance steps from everyone in this video (lol)

ALSO it’s a great example of how a good shooting can change all appearances because (in my opinion) the lead singer isn’t handsome but they make him seem really attractive and the party at the meadow with everybody’s painted faces, running, playing instruments, shouting, singing or jumping -without a bottle of alcohol near them nor almost naked people at sight- looks actually like FUN.

…And outside this world the lyrics :

Screen falling off the door, door hanging off the hinges
My feet are still sore, my back is on the fringes
We tore up the walls, we slept on couches
We lifted this house…

Fire-crackers in the east, my car parked south
Your hands on my cheeks, your shoulder in my mouth
I was up against the wall on the west mezzanine
We rattle this town, we rattle this scene

Oh, Anna Sun!

What do you know? this house is falling apart
What can I say? this house is falling apart
We got no money but we got heart
We’re gonna rattle this ghost town
This house is falling apart


Live my life without station wagon rides
Fumbling around the back
Not one seat belt on
Wait for summertime
Coming up for air
Now it’s all a wash…

Live my life without
Coming up for air
Now it’s all a wash
I want everyone
Racing down the hill
I am faster than you
Wait for summertime…



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