24* The wrong direction


Michael David Rosenberg is a british singer and composer of folk/rock but after a his band called “Passenger” split up in 2009 he decided he’ll stay with the name.Diapositiva1


Passenger, as everybody knows him, has launched 5 albums as solo but since his famous single “Let her go” his album of 2012 called “All the little lights” has been the best sold.

But today’s song is from his latest album called “Whispers”…


In my opinion the official music video of this song is pretty appropiate to Passenger’s personality. Real feelings with details in cartoons as the folk in his voice.



It shows us the reality behind a music video just as his songs reminds us the thruth behind relationships and our personal masks, the green screens we use as background in our lifes, hidding everything unpleasent and bringing at sight the “best moments” only.


Why it gest harder to forgive and forget? I cant answer that and the worst part is that I cant help but saddly to agree. Saddly because as we keep inside the hate, we hurt ourselves more and more. Then, yeah, we get cynicial and why not? Sarcastic too.

And we notice too late that so much hatred will destroy us. We will end lonely and mad because we couldnt refuse to lose our pride, to forgive, to be honest even if it makes us look weak for a moment, to enjoy what we have instead of complaining about everything, or to take the shot.

…And don’t let go the lyrics :

When I was a kid the things I did were hidden under the grid
Young and naive I never believed that love could be so well hid
With regret I’m willing to bet and say the older you get it gets harder to forgive and harder to forget
It gets under your shirt like a dagger at work
the first cut is the deepest but the rest still flipping hurt
You build your heart of plastic
Get cynical and sarcastic
And end up in the corner on your own

Cause I’d love to feel love but I can’t stand the rejection
I hide behind my jokes as a form of protection
I thought I was close but under further inspection
It seems I’ve been running in the wrong direction (oh no)

So what’s the point in getting your hopes up
When all you’re ever getting is choked up
When you’re coked up
And can’t remember the reason why you broke up
You call her in the morning
When you’re coming down and falling like an old man on the side of the road
Cause when you’re apart you don’t want to mingle
When you’re together you want to be single
Ever the chase to taste the kiss of bliss
That made your heart tingle
How much greener the grass is
With those rose tinted glasses
But the butterflies they flutter by and leave us on our arses

There’s fish in the sea for me to make a selection
I’d jump in if it wasn’t for my ear infection
Cause all I want to do is try to make a connection
It seems I’ve been running in the wrong direction (oh)



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