26* Badly broken

Get prepared to “Get scared”

This rock band that looks like punk band but almost sings as a pop band… comes from Utah, US (!) And as many other young bands it was formed in 2008.


Today’s song is featured in their second album called “Everyone’s out to get me” launched last year and even though it’s a cool paranoic name I prefer the one of their debut album “Best kind of mess” back from 2011.


I still can’t decide what I like the most about this songs:

its lyrics, its music or the band itself.

Watch the official music video to appreciate it better.


About the LYRICS, the 3 times repeated chorus was what made me think that this band “sing almost as pop band”, anyway they are so compelling because they are so easy to understand.

Because at some point we all have felt like it ~badly broken~ like when someone disappoints us: at first we blame ourselves but then we’ll blame the world and end up blaming just one person, blaming her/him for EVERYTHING that goes wrong in our lives (doesn’t really matters if it’s actually their fault) but they are the ones to blame since they moved on and we didn’t.

Is sad but is inescapable, what else can we do when we are all down but the other is so fine? Doesn’t seem fair than after all our efforts to go ahead we can’t do it but they can. Instead of help, after everything we share, they won’t do anything else than keep moving…

Hopefully everything gets better as time goes by, someday we get that the past will remain in the past and that new opportunities will come, new so we don’t make the same mistake twice.


The MUSIC is great from the beginning with an always-good electric guitar introduction and inmmediately an up rise beat along with drums and a screamo voice that will help highlighting the chorus and other parts of the song.

The BAND itself, how to resist to their long hair styles, their several tattoos, their punk fashion with Vans, gloves, leather or militar jackets and sleeveless shirts, split jumps and banging heads… *sigh*

…And the unbroken lyrics :

I’m so badly broken

I blamed myself, you’re so pathetic
You’ve moved along but you won’t forget me
If there’s a million different reasons why,
You left it all behind,
Then try me (you’ll say anything)

When love has lost all its meaning,

You know,
You know I’m not alright,
This is where I draw the line,
I’ve tried to run, I’ve tried to hide
But I’m so badly broken

You know you swept me off my feet,
And now I’m stuck beneath
The bridge you burned on top of me
And I’m so badly broken.

I’m sure you got the best excuses
To keep me at your feet
It’s all you got to clear your conscience,
Take a good long look at me!
You see a shell of what I used to be,
And can’t get close to anyone or anything
Like how I thought it should be
You’ve lost your chance (your chance)
And you will never get to love me again
The sky has opened up (opened up)
And I can finally see the sun
And what it was, it was!


And you will never get to love me again


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