33* Kryptonite

An old man in underwear holding a bird in his hands that he lets fly outside the window, after that he walks around a messy room full of gross things. He is watching an old tv that shows a superhero acting in black&white and above the tv some portraits that resemble “past“.

Yeah, the official music video is quite hilarious. A comic-style persecussion by the main character: an ex-superhero.

“3 Doors Down”

A post-grunge american band from 1996. They are 4 members and this song is part of their first album called “The Better Life”


“You’re my kryptonite” I would say.


But this song’s lyrics says that and more. When we look around ourselves and we find out that the world is far from perfect, far from save and far from just, what is left? We would wish for love but is it?

Doesn’t matter how much we know about life. Our weakness can be too close of us to survive. Anyway may be we’ll be willing to take the risk… because so far that’s how love works. At the end we don’t know what others are willing to risk for us but in any case how much will we insist to keep them close? Or how long?


There’s this kind of people who give everything for the one they love. No matter if they get insulted or flattered; they won’t act regarding how you treat them. They are nice people! And lately they are just few nice people around who would do anything for you. So don’t take for granted their help. Be kind, be grateful because they are our nowadays superheroes.

And if you’re the kind of nice people who does good to everyone and receives sh*t; don’t let them, you’re stronger than you think and we thank you for your presence in our lives.

…And the super lyrics (english/spanish) :

I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind 
I left my body laying somewhere in the sands of time 
I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon 
I feel there is nothing I can do…

I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon 
after all I knew it had to be something to do with you 
I really don’t mind what happens now and then 
as long as you’ll be my friend at the end 

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman 
If I’m alive and well, will you be there holding my hand?
I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might 

You called me strong, you called me weak 
but your secrets I will keep 
You took for granted all the times I never let you down 
You stumbled in and bumped your head,
if n
ot for me then you would be dead 
I picked you up and put you back osolid ground 



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