36* 3000 Miles

Every boy-band must have some cuties to succeed and this is not the exception. Three male members from Washington that play alternative hip-hop, fusion reggae and the usual genre pop-rock.


The main topic of this song is “home-sickness”. We may have all experience it at least once in our lifes but the official music video of this song represents pretty much what’s going through my mind-and through other teenage minds- right now.

We’re growing up and sometimes that means moving away, lots of things are changing and we can’t stop that because at the end we’re changing too. And at this moments we’ll have to be brave enough to give a step forward that may not be easy but is necessary.

This song presents the character receiving an admission letter to college, which is a great opportunity but that brings with it a lot of extra load… for example, saying “goodbye” that is never easy. Missing home, your friends, the things you used to do and even your home town itself when you’re out of your comfort zone and you may not feel all too well at first but take your time and then you’ll realize that once in a while to start a great adventure you need to close some old chapters of your life.

But don’t forget that no matter where you are your family and true friends will be there for you. You can always come back to visit some time and don’t worry, you’ll never change who you are inside, you’ll be the same inocent and cute kid you were once but with experiences that we’ll make you stronger and wiser eventually.

…Ans the sweet lyrics (spanish/english) :

First winter’s snowfall
Throwing backyard snowballs
Warming up by the fireplace
Marshmallows catch fire on an open flame 

All my friends get together wishing I was there but I’m never
Living in the sunshine
but dreaming of a place called home

I wanna run, wanna run away
I’m dreaming of a place called home
I could try but I’m stuck in today
I’m dreaming of a place that’s 3000 miles away
Feels like is forever, seems like yesterday
We were running ’round town together
This place, just ain’t the same, I miss the stormy weather
I’m not okay 3000 miles away

You don’t pick up but I keep redialing
Cause you’re asleep got your phone on silent
Still early here I’m wide awake
I just wanna hear you tell me all about today

Although I never really showed it
I had to leave for me to notice
That living in the sunshine’s cold
I’m dreaming of a place called home


If I could go back for the weekend or just for a day
to see familiar faces, that’s all it would take
But it’s too far



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