40* Say you like me

Because I’m never going down. I’m never giving up. I’m never going to leave so put your hands up and if you like me… Then say you like me!

American pop-punk and alternative-rock band from Florida formed in 2005 with 5 cool members

“We the kings”

The official music video of this song is divided in 5 LEVELS that are 5 different representations of videogames that show an obstacle to save the girl ❤ but they also made an interactive video for which they won an MTV Music Award for the Most Innovative Music Video Of The Year ! (You can find the link to this alternative video on the official music video description in youtube)

Today’s song is part of their third album called “Sunshine state of mind” released in 2011. Until today they have released 4 great albums 🙂


Here the official lyrics video !


The music of this song is nothing but funny and energetic. The lyrics of it are sweet and encouraging. Both of this elements combined with a great music video and 5 fine members in the band is explosive!

There’s always a girl who’s pretty and popular but there much more pretty girls that we usually don’t notice because they are not the kind who walk on by with sparkling laughs but perhaps with headphones in her ears or books in her hands. But believe me, those girls are the best.

Dreaming of a prince or waiting for someone to bring emotion into their lifes they don’t easily notice when somebody has fallen for them… if you are the lucky one may be you must try harder to reach her heart!

And that’s what this song is all about for any of us. Never leaving a cause before fighting for it. Waiting if that’s what it takes to. Dreaming and most of all not giving up.


…And the royalty lyrics (english/spanish) :

She’s the girl that no one ever knows
And I say “hi” but she’s too shy to say “Hello”
She’s just waiting for that one to take her hand
and shake her up, I bet I could

I wish my heart was always on her mind
Because she’s on mine like all day all the time
Forget me not, forget me now
I’ve come too far to turn around
I’m here tonight

Because I’m never going down
I’m never giving up
I’m never going to leave
So put your hands up
If you like me
Then say you like me


She’s the girl that no one ever knows
Works a double just to buy her clothes
Nicotine and faded dreams
Baby just believe there’s no one else like me


It’s time to fall into my arms
Because I’ve been waiting for too long
You’re an angel
Grab your halo
And let’s fly, tonight


Just say you like me



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