46* Tangled hair

Trio from Hampshire, UK

“Wild Smiles”

Their music plays off of their palette of musical interests which includes The Beach Boys, Nirvana and The Troggs.

Today’s song is the first single of this band and the rhythm imposed by the guitar make it sound a lot like surf pop which is ad-hoc to the band’s influence from “The Beach Boys” and the 70’s style (!)


You must listen and enjoy it as you watch their groovy official music video of this song !

At the beginning of the video it shows the bold typography of this band’s name and immediately after overlapped videos: in one there’s a girl and in the other a boy both wearing sunglasses and playing with their hair.


After it we see the band members playing behind a psychedelic effect and so on, overlapped, psychedelic and blurry videos set to their music ❤


P.S. This band is brand new but it gots an amazing vibe. You won’t find them in wikipedia, tumblr or else yet but go check out their fb in https://www.facebook.com/WILD.SMILES.the.band


…And I couldn’t find the lyrics:



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