47* Oblivion

Will I ever forget you?


From London, UK. Formed in 2010. Four members one rock band. One album called “Bad Blood”.

Interesting fact: The name of the band derives from the  french festivity “Bastille Day” celebrated on the lead singer Dan Smith’s birthday, 14th of July!


The official music video of this song is from a studio session in which we can fully appreciate the perfect vocalization and the beautiful piano notes of this song ❤


The questions, situations and reactions imposed in the lyrics are sweet and subtle, listen for yourself and comment what does it makes you think of?


…And the unforgettable lyrics (spanish/english) :

When you fall asleep
with your head
upon my shoulder.

When you’re in my arms
but you’ve gone somewhere deeper.

Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to leave a path to trace?
Are you going to age with grace,
Only to wake and hide your face?

When oblivion
Is calling out your name
You always take it further
than I ever can.

When you play it hard
and I try to follow you there,
It’s not about control,
But I turn back when I see where you go.



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