Every end is a new beginning

As you can see we’ve reach the end of April and with it the end of the Hat Glossary too…

Along April I posted a total of  19 hand-made short reviews of hats based on this website(!)

All of them included “HG” at the beginning of its title so it is easier for you to find them in the future if you’re needing to clarify the name and specifications of your accesories 😉


If you don’t know the “Hat Glossary” of this blog or if you want to make sure that you didn’t miss any hat’s info you can do it by writing HG on the search box by the side-bar.


And is time to say hi to the NEW fashion updates in FERSTYLE!


From now on I’ll be uploading random fashion posts with collages, hauls or outfits (and more) usually once a week so if you aren’t already following this blog make sure to do it(!)

*If you’re not a wordpress user you can follow this blog by adding your e-mail on the space of the side-bar too


Also to find extra fashion content
as cute photos, links, etc;

don’t forget to like it on facebook:

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for reading, liking and following


*spread the love


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