The Fault In Our Stars

It’s OKAY.



About the AUTHOR:


John Green, is widely known in the internet for the youtube channel he has along with his brother and also for being part of an online-community known as “Nerdfighters“.


Also as we can see at the bottom of this book’s cover  he is best-selling author of another novel called “Looking for Alaska” which I’m looking forward to reading.



Many people cry at different moments of this book and I must accept I did too, a little.

I believe that the main reason why we cry whenever we read or watch something sad is not actually because we feel the character’s pain but because we remember our own pain.

At least I’m almost sure this was my case. I cried because I remember the feeling of loss, of fear, of a broken heart and of facing reality.

Before reading this book I actually didn’t want to because people kept telling me that it was “about kids with cancer” and for personal reasons I felt like at the moment I couldn’t stand reading anything that had to do with it.

But do you know this ironic habit of humans that whenever they feel low they in fact enjoy listening to sad music?

Well, one day I was feeling really bad so I started to read “The fault in our stars” not to be a masochist but thinking that perhaps John Green would remind me that there were bigger problems than mine…

This wasn’t the case. Because this book isn’t about “cancer kids”.

In my opinion this book isn’t even about love or heroism. It’s just about human doubts and emotions. It’s a conversation between teenagers that serves to expose different points of view about death, illness, love and existence itself. Some of them were quite common while others were unexpected and at the end, many of them were hugely comforting.


If you haven’t read this book yet, I would definitely recommend it. It’s short, easy to read and funny (thanks to John’s casual writing style), sweat without being too cheesy and highly addictive ❤


Next thursday I’ll write a post with my favorite QUOTES of “The fault in our stars” 🙂 meanwhile don’t forget to follow FERSTYLE’s facebook and instagram accounts were I’ll be uploading some beautiful fragments of this book.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. I’m not a profesional literary critic but merely another reader in the world who wanted to share her most sincere opinion by blogging about her thoughts on this book.








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