55* Problem

Do you agree that “everyone deserves a second chance”?

I got one more problem with you, girl!

Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azaela

Well, here’s the second chance I’m giving Ariana to be on my top artists… or at least to let me like her through this song featuring Iggy Azaela 🙂

As usual, one of the most important parts of every song (book, movie, poem, letter…) is the introduction. If the first seconds are good enough they’ll make you want more and so you’ll give it a try!

At least this was my personal experience with this song and its trapping wind instrument’s sound at the beginning. Also, both of this ladies tone and rhythm on this song is sooo enjoyable.

Oh, and that beat, the chorus whispers and the synthesizers magic too!

Here’s the lyrics video so you can start listening ❤


About the lyrics that might seem confusing but totally represent true feelings by verses as “I hate you but I want to love you”,  well, they are hard to explain but easy to sing.

There’s this common belief that “girls like bad-boys” and I’m not that proud of accepting it but it’s true. I guess that as humans usually we want what we can’t have or what we shouldn’t have… but it’s time to be WISER than the rest!

We can’t keep on going back to what hurts us. We must realize that it’s better to be alone than in bad company. Remember that not everyone deserves a second chance (or more chances) and sometimes we must accept this other true “some people never change”.

Anyhow, this song expresses exactly how we feel when we know what we have to do but we just don’t feel like doing it (and also how nobody else can understand us then… EXCEPT Iggy! You really got to listen/read carefully her rap on this song).

…And the problematic lyrics (english/spanish) :

Hey baby even though I hate ya!
I wanna love ya
I want you!
And even though I can’t forgive you
I really want to
I want you!

Tell me, tell me baby
Why can’t you leave me?
Cause even though I shouldn’t want it
I gotta have it
I want you!

Head in the clouds
Got no weight on my shoulders
I should be wiser
And realize that I’ve got
One less problem without ya

I know you’re never gonna wake up
I gotta give up but it’s you!
I know I shouldn’t ever call back
Or let you come back but it’s you!

Every time you touch me
And say you love me
I get a little bit breathless
I shouldn’t want it
But it’s you!


It’s Iggy Iggs!
What you got?
Smart money bettin’
I’ll be better off without you
In no time
I’ll be forgettin’ all about you
You saying that you know
But I really really doubt you
Understand my life is easy
When I ain’t around you
Iggy Iggy
Too biggie to be here stressin’
I’m thinkin’ I love the thought of you
More than I love your presence
And the best thing now
Is probably for you to exit
I let you go
Let you back
I finally learned my lesson!
No half-stepping
Either you want it or you just playin’
I’m listening to you knowin’
I can’t believe what you’re sayin’
There’s a million you’s baby boo
So don’t be dumb
I got 99 problems
But you won’t be one
Like what!



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