“Just friends”

I’m one of those old-fashioned romantic girls that would (usually) agree with Ed Sheeran when he said “Normal people don’t hold hands if they’re just friends

So I actually have a troubled heart when watching ´friends´ kissing-on-the-mouth because I’ve always think that’s a couple’s thing. But, yeah, times have changed (I may be an 80’s soul living in 2014)

Though it seems holding hands, cuddling or kissing a ´friend´isn’t a rare thing anymore I’m still not sure if I could agree with Ellie Goulding’s sarcastic answer to Sheeran “I love that holding hands with my friends means we’re an item, in that case I am in many relationships.”

This whole issue makes me wonder why or when did things changed(?)

I guess that every generation -on their youth- wanted to make a statement, change the world in some way, break the rules, defy society, show their power and liberty…

I get it that nowadays we’re a YOLO generation that just wants to be free and enjoy the moment without getting in trouble (or taking responsability) but still I came up with some possible extra reasons why this “just friends (who kiss)” is an on-going matter:

  1. Rebellion – We want to make our own rules and break social expectations. In some way we want to show the world that we’re free to do whatever we want with whoever we want. Labels on relationships aren’t cool or necessary for us no more.
  2. Tired of break ups – As teenagers with divorced parents or just sick of post-relationship drama it may seem logical that in order to avoid break ups we shall not start a relationship (the only problem is that it doesn’t avoid broken hearts though). Or maybe we don’t want to call our lover “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” as a way to stop the jinx on it.
  3. You’re a slut or a man whore – Not judgement but there’s people who doesn’t mind kissing –or else- anyone or everyone and they’ve found the perfect excuse on “free love” and no commitment by calling their lovers “friends”.

As conclusion, theorically the perks of being “just friends making out” seem infinite and the reasons to do it seem logical enough BUT on practice feelings mess up everything on the moment you fall in love with your “friend” or worst you’re into him/her –more- than he/she is into you, and as I wrote before, hearts get broken inevitably…


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