56* Boys in the summer

Yeah, yeah, boys look so much better in the summer!

Last Christmas I went to New York and I was super excited for going to Abercrombie’s store on 5th Avenue because I’ve heard you could find half naked real-life-models 😀 (I mean hot boys showing off their six-pack-abs) BUT it was winter. It was snowing. They were all wearing sweaters…

So that’s my short, true (and disappointing) story which makes me agree even more with today’s song 😉 lol

Jessie James

Not to be confused with Jessie J, Jessy J or Juicy J– haha that’s the disclaimer you’ll read on wikipedia

American country-pop singer and songwriter (also reality show star and Eric Decker’s wife). She was born in Italy. She’s 26 years-old. She realeased her first studio album in 2009 and one year later she realeased this song as the first single of her sophomore album but most of all she’s got it right on her lyrics…

It’s been a while since I last wrote about good music but summer has been crazy for me and I’d like to summarize part of it with this song.

Starting with it’s amazing country rhythm, this girl’s voice full of sexyness and power, and then listening to its lyrics declaring SUMMER pleasures as the sunny weather that makes us wear few and tiny clothes (you’re welcome boys!) and want to have just icecream and cold drinks while we get tan, go swimming, drive down the road with no destiny at all, fall in love with strangers or while we make out under the moonlight (why not?)


And watching its Official Music Video starring crop tops, mini shorts, boots, wavy long hair, tan skin, girlfriends, lemonade, sunglasses, bikinis, wheels and BOYS!

Everyone hitting the road at the countryside ready to go skinny dipping in the most playful mood on a very appealing lake or to go dancing under the stars around a bonfire. Showing beautiful smiles, eyes and ABS.

In few words: SUMMER FEELS LIKE DREAMING! And hell yeah it makes me sing.

…And it’s hot LYRICS:

It’s hot as hell even in the shade
Squeeze you a little bit of lemonade
Wearing next to nothing and we like it
Coconut oil running down our backs
Girls trying to give the guys a heart attack
Baby there’s no denying
The reason for July’s skinny dipping and checking out tan lines
Making out underneath the moonlight

Oh, yeah…
Boys look so much hotter in the summer…
Take your shirt off, let the water pull me under
Oh, I must be dreaming
Oh, you got me singing…

Stand the heat kissing on me
Standing in line at the Dairy Queen
You stick your hand in my back pocket
Driving down the road
You’ll be hanging out the window
Fifteen miles but we’ve got no place to go
I don’t care cause I like it

We’re underneath the stars
Laying here on the hood of your car
Baby, I barely know who you are


Summer only lasts so long
And there’s nothing wrong with having some fun, yeah
No need to apologize
Just close your eyes and kiss on me tonight




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