60* Giving up the gun

Tennis court, Joe Jonas, vintage style, relaxing beat, beautiful vocals, samurais, headbands, NY NY shirt, Jake Gyllenhaal, retro sound effects… awkward youtube video.

Thumbs up for an amazing friend’s recommendation!


Vampire Weekend


Indie rock band from New York 🙂 founded in 2006.

His lead singer is Ezra Koenig and besides his cool name he’s got also a good voice.

As usual the magic number is 4, yeah, 4 members.


Great fact: This year 2014 they won a Grammy for best alternative music album!


…And the crazy lyrics (english/spanish):

Your sword’s grown old and rusty
Underneath the rising sun
It’s locked up like a trophy
Forgetting all the things it’s done
And though its been a long time
You’re right back where you started from
I see it in your eyes
Now you’re giving up the gun

When I was 17
I had wrists like steel
And I felt complete
And now my body fades
Behind my brass charade
And I’m obsolete
But if the chance remains
To see those better days
I go to cannons now
My ears are blown to bits
From all the rifle hits
Still I crave that sound


I heard you play guitar
Down at a seedy bar
Where skinheads used to fight
Your Tokugawa smile
And your garbage style
Used to save the night
You felt the coming wave
Told me we’d all be brave
You said you wouldn’t flinch
But in the years that passed
Since I saw you last
You haven’t moved an inch

I see you shining your way
Go on go on go on


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