Friends with kids

There are already lots of romantic dramas/comedies about “friends with benefits” but who had thought before about this variant?

YEAH turns out that “friends with kids” is also a great (unexplored) plot!

Tbh I may have a cheeky weird taste on movies (not bad just weird) but at the end I realized  that I did like this one too much. Why? Because I had no reason to stop watching it even though it is almost 2 hours long and includes baby’s poop. But also because, as it happens to me when I like something too much, I started googling about  it immediately.

Ok. I get it if those 2 reasons didn’t mean anything to you but I’m trying not to give too much spoilers, not to tell you the summary but just to explain my thoughts after watching it and hoping you’ll rely on me ❤

I must admit that at the beginning of the movie I was strongly questioning why had anybody picked Jennifer Westfeldt for the main role, then as the movie goes on it starts kinda making sense but it isn’t until the very end (I mean after it already ended) that you see her name on the credits not only as actress but as the Writer and Director of the film too!!

Let’s face it, she totally created her perfect role and afterwards placed herself on it! Ah, GENIUS.

Now, according to stereotypes we might think  “Of course, it took a girl to nail this topic that includes so much about motherhood” NOT because it includes kids it means it’s all girly, we must consider that it also has a really (usually) manly point of view that takes a lot into account the importance of freedom, youth and sex…

While this movie is another great story of best friends who fall in love or try hard not to fall in love with each other although they’re having sex or worst they’re having a KID together (and whatever else it is that great mess of friendzones that are so attractive and dramatic these days)

it also represents a clever (unconventional) way of sorting things out to accomplish our goals in every possible area: work, love, family, friends, fun, etc…

It is all well summarized in this poster of the movie that I personally loved and find sharply true:

Which ones would you pick?

If you can’t decide just now you must watch this movie more than ever! It’ll help you Guiño or at least it’ll make you laugh (and cry).

Yeah, I must accept that at the end I was actually about to cry and I would had hated it if it wasn’t because of its beautiful soundtrack by The 88, specifically the last song “Waiting for the next drug” which btw sums up perfectly the whole point of this movie.

Before I go on applauding this close to chick-flick, for those guys reading this and doubting to watch it, let me tell you Megan Fox is also on the film looking sexy and hot and what else? She’s by far not the best actress on the movie but has she ever been? JK, we all know she has pretty ass eyes.

Talking of actresses, there’s Maya Rudolph too, who I had previously decided that I loved for her performance at “Grown Ups” and “Brides Maids” not because she deserved an Oscar (obviously) but because she made me laugh widely, and she does (again) a great job acting like a bad-ass mom.

The male main role played by Adam Scott was really convincing for me, I don’t know what’s up with this guy but I found him siutable to play a sexy dork role.

And Edward Burns, I don’t care how old is he (he’s 46 ik bc I did my research) but he’s always burning up, just watch him at the beginning of romantic comedies as “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz or at the well-known “27 dresses” with Katherine Heigl being the too good to be true guy.

Fun fact: Jon Hamm, who plays one of the friends in the group, is besides Jennifer Westfeldt husband!! See? Being the Director of a film really means doing all you want, acting a main part and getting your husband involved included.

Finally let me remind you this movie takes place in New York!

Oops, I think I’m in love with New York. Ever dreamed with marrying your best friend and raising your kids together in Manhattan? Yeah, I get you #FerConfessions


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