61* Bang bang

By the well known Will.I.Am. but all in black and white with old style costumes, chandeliers and a great band.

Awesome performance, choreography and camera movements. Watching Will dance like that was so amusing! Is it charleston or foxtrot?

The first thing to notice in the official music video of this song is the title at The Great Gatsby’s gate. Turns out this was a promotional song for the soundtrack of the re-make movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


Great fact: Some of the lyrics were taken from an homonymous song of 1966 by Sonny Bono.

The song features Shelby Spalione, leader singer of a past girl-band named “KSM”, even though she has no credit (and her voice is easily confused with Britney Spers’) she did a great part singing and acting.

I personally love the first lines of this song. Seems like the perfect promise of “true love” and just then it clarifies it’s “foolish love”.


…And the superlyrics (english/spanish) :

I love her, can’t leave her,
Forever I’ll always need her,
She lie, but I believe her,
Lovesick I got that fever.
Love stupid, I know it,
I know, cause I’m a fool in love.

My baby shot me down again,
Shot me down with the love and it go bang bang.
That girl’s a killer from a gang,
Shot me down with the love and it go bang bang.

And oh, I love her so, that’s why I gotta let her know
That I’ll be here for her to always love her down.

And maybe that’s the truth,
The clock can tick and ain’t no use,
I wonder when my tux can see you when you’re down.

Bang, bang,
Got him with a bang,
Love him down, down
I shot my baby with a bang, bang,


My baby shot me down, down, down, down
Shot me down with the love and it went pow-pow
I love my baby’s freaky style,
But my baby’s always sneaking out.

But damn, I love her so,
That’s why I gotta let her know
That I’ll be here for her, I’ll always be her man.
And baby, that’s the truth,
You’re my chick, bottlecruise,
I got that roof, I put that diamond on her hand.


Oh, yeah, I love my baby
Hey baby yeah I love you,
Stupid is what stupid do,
Tom and Jerry and Scooby Do,
Oh baby, I’m a fool for you.
Come here, baby, be my lollypop,
I make it better, make the booty drop.
Hey baby, can’t get you out my brains,
Damn girl, you’re such a sexy thing.
Pretty little lady
And my baby makes me go down down



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