The Maze Runner

Don’t look back!


Said Minho (the asian character) to Thomas (Dylan O’brien’s character) when they where running for their lifes inside the Maze.


The comment was meant to help him because, didn’t you feel that Thomas lost time everytime he looked back? And because of that he was ALMOST catch by a griever once!   There’s a metaphor, I’m sure!

And also, this is a spoiler alert(!) so if you haven’t watch the movie or read the book yet, I suggest you to come back later (when you already have) and don’t worry if you’re a “late boomer” like me who knows about movies like this until later than usual.


Now, truth is I’m a girl of METHAPHORS. So I believe Minho was giving us a powerful advice: Looking back is a waste of time. Not only when you run for your life inside a Maze but in your daily life, when you’re too worried about the past instead of focusing on the future, on your goals and dreams, the things that matter. We can’t change what we’ve left behind still sometimes we grieve for things that we did or had, and we don’t see (until it’s too late) that if we let past problems catch us… we loose.

This new movie based on the first book of a saga by James Dashner is AMAZING.

There’re moments of suspense, tenderness and even comedy but moreover it’s full of lessons (I think).

I’m already looking forward to read the complete saga!


What we where before the Maze is irrelevant. What matters is what we’re now and what we’re going to do.

Said Newt (the second in charge) when Thomas tells him he’s guilty of putting them all in there. How not to love Newt? Mature and just. And what to learn about him? The same… the past is irrelevant becase you can’t change it but that the present and the future are what really matters because YOU can decide what to do next.

(Excuse me if the quotes aren’t accurate but I wasn’t precisely writing down in the movie theater so that’s how I remember them. The point is the same but if you know the exact words, comment below and I’ll be happy to change them!)

Almost everybody is afraid of change but it’s what you do about it what matters. You can either face your fears and take the risk. Or keep leaving in fear -on your comfort zone-.

We see it clearly when Thomas told Gally (the antagonist) that he was scared too but anyway he had made a decision, he wasn’t staying, he wasn’t enslaved by fear.

And before that, when in The Maze for the second time, Minho asks Thomas if he’s sure of crossing the door… Thomas said “no” but gave a step forward.

So now you see, when in doubt, act. If something scares you a lot the reward for doing it might be as big.


There are better things ahead. Better things outside the bubbles in which we live but it’s up to us to go out and look out for them, chase our dreams and find what we’re looking for.


The game is constantly changing. It never stops. Just as the maze that changed everynight we live in a world that changes the game rules everyday. So what? Change won’t keep us from trying. It’ll keep us motivated to change too. To keep going, keep learning and keep improving.

The runners” kept wandering The Maze every single day for 3 years without finding a way out and Thomas freed everybody in less than 4 days. Does it means the runners were doing it all wrong? No, perhaps they should’ve tried doing something different instead of trying to find an answer doing the same thing everyday however those 3 years running around The Maze were not in vain because they LEARNED something new everyday. They learned how many sections, passages and levels were in there, and also how the whole thing worked. Minho even memorized the map which was essential to complete their final mission. They just needed that one sparkle of curiosity that Thomas brought along.

So be curious. Don’t be afraid of doing things differently. Ask lots of questions.


The only thing I particulary didn’t enjoy about The Maze Runner was the fact of choosing “zombies” as main antagonists. I hate zombies, sorry, but they’re gross and scary. But still I believe they’re also a good metaphor to show that when humans turn antisocial, angry at each other and violent they stop thinking straight and they’ll mess up society peace.

What’s interesting is that the bright side of the story, the real cure, what represented society’s hope… where those boys. Boys with leadership, strenght, intelligence but above all, with a different mindset.

So be emphatic, humble, loving, caring, sincere. You’ll be loved back. And you’ll also be hated by those who envy you but at the end you’ll stay surrounded by the best people, the only ones you need.


And finally, just remember what Minho said to the boys when they asked him what he thought about Thomas:

I don’t know if he’s brave or stupid but we need more of that.


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