70* Playground love

This is one of those songs that explains much with just few words and awesome chords.


This french duo started playing in 1995.

They’re all about downtempo, space rock and lots of electronic music.

They have 7 studio albums and yeah, a long musical career.

The official music video of today’s song was produced by Sofia Coppola, the magnificent director of The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, The Bling Ring and other cool movies.

With a laid back rhythm along sax solos and faint vocals this song creates an ideal sort of romantic atmoshpere. The kind of environment where you would rather fall in love with the music, the moment or this french duo.

…And the high-school lyrics (english/spanish):

I’m a high school lover, and you’re my favorite flavor
Love is all, all my soul
You’re my playground love

Yet my hands are shaking
I feel my body remains, themes no matter, I’m on fire
On the playground, love.

You’re the piece of gold the flushes all my soul
Extra time, on the ground.
You’re my playground love.

Anytime, anyway,
You’re my playground love.


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