74* Creep in a T-shirt

Looking for Alaska?

Portugal. The man

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American rock band from Wasilla, Alaska. Which are the odds?

Psychedelic-indie-progressive rock-pop mix ❤

Formed in 2004. It’s usually conformed by 4 or 5 members…

They already have 7 studio albums and one of their songs was included in one of The Walking Death soundtracks!


Here’s the video with the official audio of this song that needs no more than being listen to to be felt deeply. In a really bizarre not at all romantic way.

Its music… big band, tuned vocals, amazying rhythm, cool lyrics telling the story of a creep and “I don’t fucking care” if they blame aliens all the way but it’s brilliant, honest and I love this song!

Though it starts as an alien invasion background music it immediately picks up with their keyboard, drums, guitar combination. Then the lead singer’s voice leads us through 3 minutes of musical abduction.

Keep listening to this outer space song!

…And here the creepy lyrics (english/spanish):

I’m sorry Mr. Policeman,
If I wanted to talk I woulda called a friend
Don’t worry when I get back home
I’ll just stay in bed, I’m better off alone

I wake up to my boring days
Never was a child, I was born this way
Always there but always out of place
Feels so alien

I don’t know what I know
But I know where it’s at
Just because I lost it doesn’t mean I want it back

You don’t get it
Cuz it the world I’m living in
You don’t get it
I’m just a creep in a t-shirt, jeans, I don’t fuckin care

Sorry but I don’t recall the crime
My memory has left me behind
May have been a man, maybe a friend
Or maybe aliens


It’s not because the light here is brighter
And it’s not that I’m evil, I just don’t like to pretend
That I could ever be your friend


You don’t get it
Just a loser in a t-shirt, jeans, I don’t fuckin care
You don’t get it
I’m just a creep in a t-shirt, jeans, I don’t fuckin care


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