76* Loving you tonight

Finally some new-canadian hot-stuff!

Andrew Allen

Probably he isn’t the next Bryan Adams but he seems just as cute and talented.

He is a musician, songwriter and singer who released his first album in 2008.

Today’s song is his second single which was featured on the soundtrack of the 2011 movie Abduction starring Taylor Lautner!

This song with its cheesy rhythm shows us the bright side of compromise or at least the positive feeling at the start of a serious relationship.

TÍP* It’s the perfect song for a married couple to prove all single people wrong about marriage. The musical prove that romance can be kept alive even inside the rutine and that the peak of true love isn’t the moment you find your soulmate but the many nights you come home to find out that the one you love has been waiting there for you ❤

And after watching the official music video to this single another lesson it’s clear for us: the perfect way to stress a chorus or a message is to let just guitar chords, slow snaps and the main voice enlighten the scene.

…And here the night-time lyrics (english/spanish):

Lost, In the day, In a way
Its the same as the one before this
and i wish, I could say
that its all black and white
But its gray, Its the same, its the same
And i’m so tired but you are what I’m comin home to

Oh im thinkin’ ’bout red wine, birds and takin’ it easy
and i got you in my arms, takin’ a break from crazy

And I’ll say hey
You’ll say baby, How’s your day
I’ll say crazy
But its all gonna be alright
You’ll kiss my smile
I’ll pull you closer
Spend awhile just gettin’ to know ya
But its all gonna be alright, Loving you tonight

And you are there
On my heart, at the start
of my every morning
and i cant deny, by the end of the day
that im runnin’ on empty
But you make it full, steal my breathe
Your so unpredictable,
Thats what i’m comin home to

Oh i’m dreamin about romance , slow dancin with you

When i got you in my arms, Then i don’t care what we do


Cause’ everyday is just the in between
the hours separating you from me
i know you’ll be waiting


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