About POP songs!

What I dislike about pop songs:

1. They change the rhythm all of a sudden and they give all their (sometimes trashy) sound effects more importance than the lyrics, the meaning or the chords themselves.

2. Their singers voices seem usually so damn perfect that you stop getting the human conection or the natural vibe of listening someone sharing their truest and deepest thoughts instead it seems that a computer (auto tune) was programmed to read some kind of poem in which the author abused of copy-paste in his paragraphs.

3. (btw) The everlasting chorus or verses repetition. There should be a law that prohibited releasing songs with less than two paragraphs of original lyrics or that uses more than 6 times the same word because repeating that much makes it all silly and pointless at the end.
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What I like about pop songs:

1. They always find the ideal beat that gets stuck in your head because it’s simple, short and repetitive.

2. They wouldn’t be pop songs if they didn’t have a group bridge with “nanana’s” or hand clapping. An applause to that!

3.When they make popular culture references, for example to rock bands, artists or brands. It makes you feel more related when you know exactly what they are singing about even if they’re cliché references.

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