77* Rocket

I’m posting a song-review EVERY WEDNESDAY! So if you haven´t notice it before, well, now you can be sure to check my blog every week to find a new song to listen 🙂


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An english indie-pop duo that consists of Alison Goldfrapp as vocals and Will Gregory, both at the synthesizer.

Formed in 1999 at London. Nowadays they have 6 studio albums!

Today’s song is part of their fifth album called Head First and released in 2010 which has a Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album.

*TIP: There’s a Tiësto remix to this song.

Anyway, this original song starts with an 80’s-like beat that reminds me of Dirty Dancing or something alike with a really positive vibe among the uncertainty of the lyrics.

Also the pink and purple colors of the official music video and the wide use of the green screen emphasize the Dona Summer style that even Alison’s make-up, hair and clothes remind me of!

The vocals are sweet and low key. The synthesizer creates sound effects that seem little explosions to its musical narrative. In general, the constant rhythm of each verse takes me back to the simple songs that became timeless hits for unknown reasons but for good.

…And here the smashing lyrics (lyrics):

Starting something, thought it could be fun
I started something, couldn’t go wrong

Danger, heartache, I’d always knew
There’s no winner, in this game you lose

But I still wanna know how she got in the door uninvited

Oh I got a rocket
Oh you’re going on it
Oh you’re never coming back

This is secrets, stories unfold
Flow by pleasure, losing control

Danger, heartache, something has died
No good pretending, I’m leaving this time


You’re never coming back
You’re never coming back again oh no
You’re going out on your own


We have lift off


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