78* Happy Song

Way to start a new month!

Today I’m sharing with you a Happy Song by

Connie Talbot

Featured image

British 14 year-old singer and former Britain’s Got Talent contestant who’s about to release her 5th album!

Simple as the title is, that’s life. We shouldn’t complicate it as much as we usually do, at the end of the day what matter is being happy and enjoying being alive!

I must confess I really didn’t started this month in an admirable way. Mostly I spent my day “lying on the couch” watching youtube videos, romantic comedies and girly series (the usual stuff I enjoy watching), eating junk food and procrastinating. At some point I might even had tried to excuse me thinking “I’m not feeling that good today” but instantly remembered that line of this song that says “feeling sorry for yourself won’t get you anywhere” so there you go, THAT’s why I’m posting this song today, as posting a note-to-self to keep on moving and try to live a better, healthier July. Because even when we are having a hard time, a simple, nice song (with a clean acoustic guitar intro) can make any day/month better or so I hope for you, to enjoy this!

…And here the optimistic lyrics:

You spend all day lying on the couch
Walk in your boxers around the house
Look at your pale ugly face enough to make a mirror breake
More half asleep and half awake
Complaining that your body aches
Feeling sorry for yourself
Won’t get you anywhere
So I’m singing you a happy song
Just to cheer you up
When you’ve got it rough

So I’m singing you a happy song
Just to cheer you up
I know how it sucks
Yeah im singing you a happy song
It can’t be that bad
Why you look so sad
There’s better times ahead

Your room smells like bad mexican
Pull up those blinds let air come in
Your promises and blahh blahh blahh
Fix the strings on my guitar
We’ve been friends for much too long
For me to watch you carry on
Like this i miss the you i knew
You’ll do the same for me


Watching shapes in the clouds all day
It’s ok sometimes we make mistakes
Oh let it go if its out of your control
Srug it of like it’s a silly joke



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