The Intern

This movie makes me proud of being one of those weird-generation-y-humans who have turned brands into verbs like “I’ll be Uber home” or “Do you want to Netflix?” because the whole film is a statement of entrepreneurship, it’s about young generations taking over the world, it shows start-up-geniuses legacy and businesses turned into a lifestyle thing.


As expected we find hipsters, nerds and fashionistas in this movie but also young parents with contemporary roles like “house-husband” and “mom-preneur” and lately we are watching a tech industry’s inner operations from an elderly-vintage-adult insider look!

FUN-FACT: I must confess that I felt in love with the main character’s wardrobe since every piece of clothing seemed a basic made trendy, practical, polished, professional, chic, classic yet modern and fitable for the fashion-executive-mom who was to wear them.

Therefore, aside from writing this post, the only right thing to do after watching this movie was to Google “The intern style” to find out that the genius behind Anne Hathaway’s style in this new film is her costume designer: Jacqueline Demeterio who has also done the costume for some of my favorite movies like Sex and the City 2 and Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I do think this movie would be a good sequel for The Devil Wears Prada… It’s really funny how 9 years after the release of this fashion-flick everything seems like an almost impossible plot-twist in which the rookie-intern of a grand fashion magazine ends up being the founder and CEO of her own succesful enterprise therefore not only earning millions but taking her passions beyond and setting her own rules while she enjoys them.

It’s a brand new world (!) One in which succesful enterprises FINALLY rely merely on people’s passion and their heart pour into a mix of hard work, creativity and team work. Talk about marketing, brand loyalty, customer experience, leadership and more about our beloved 21st century home: the internet. Little do we realize that we are learning that much in 121 minutes, right 😉


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