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This week my best friend urged me to listen to this song by Scott Helman.

Though this young musician is from 1995 (and Canadian, yay!) yesterday while admiring his cover’s album it remind us of a classic icon:

He can be part of new generation of artists but certainly he’s not just another one of the bunch. His folsky voice stands out in a sea of auto-tuned singers and the acoustic sound of his music makes this seem like a sweet lullaby in the middle of a noisy night.

On other notes, I’m loving how lately some music videos like this one are produced as to resemble futuristic movies! So enjoy:

Your heart is more than a machine.
Pumping blood through your body, doing things you’ve never seen.
Their words come like arrows when they fly.
With mechanical precision they can cut you up inside.

But you’re more than bolts.
Like the city’s more than steel and stone.
Soon your heart is gonna overflow.
They push you back down you get up again.
Circuits freeze and androids never dream.
You’re more than a machine.

Fingertips and pretty lights.
We go through the scanner sideways.
See you on the other side.
Your flesh.
All your skin and all your bones.
Carry all our generations.
With the future still unknown.


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