102* Tired of talking


Some people might think that I’m good at expressing myself, but God knows I’m not… It’s so hard for me to speak up my mind, to say what I feel and explain exactly why. Nevertheless I guess that’s the main reason why I write because usually I talk too much but express too little but oh, I’m  tired of talking!

If there’s something that I hate is “small talk”. My mind freaks out everytime I start talking about ~the weather~ because we all know that’s so basic, so superficial… and yet I do it sooo frequently. I find it hard to talk about meaningful things because I’m afraid it might sound pretentious or on the opposite that I may sound stupid. Yes, I’m afraid. Afraid of being myself 200%. But who I am then? An iceberg like everyone else, of course.

Don’t you think is time for all of us to change a bit? To improve a little bit?

Don’t wanna hear about your crazy drunk night out
I don’t believe that you just passed out on the couch

I can see it, something in the way you move
You’re acting like there’s something left to prove

End the “small talk”, stop bragging about your hangover, quit the gossip and tell me what inspires you instead, what do you like to do on a rainy day, which is the painting that has awed you the most, who you rather travel with, where do you wanna go…

In case you don’t feel ready yet, also acknowledge that the silence is just as important as the music (here is this song to prove it btw enjoy that relaxing intro and finale). We don’t always need to talk, but somehow we’ve become so obsessed with avoiding “awkward silences” that we’ve manage to avoid all kind of silence; but next time we’re starting to panic about them, let’s remember there’s something else we can do instead of talking: LISTEN.

If we only stopped talking for a while not only we would connect with others but also we’d start listening to ourselves, understanding a little more about who we are.

At least that’s why I love listening to music.. there’s always so much in my mind that overwhelmes me that even makes my heart feel heavy  at times but while listening to the rhythm, the artist and the lyrics it seems easier to me to also listen to each thought of mine, it helps me define what I feel and why, and then writting about it gives me clousure and also pleasure.


I wanna get rid of the feeling, turn it all around.