103* Toothbrush

On a recent post I stated that I’ve changed and that my musical taste had aswell… well, it’s true I enjoy electronic music a lot more than I did before but if we analyze it (and you know how much I love to over-analyze everything) actually my musical taste has changed just as much as the people in the music industry has evolve. Why?

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I grew up listening to Disney stars’ CDs: Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato… And after a quick check of my favorite spotify playlist I found: Closer by Nick Jonas, Wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus, Body say by Demi, Can’t keep my hands to myself by Selena and ultimately Cake by the ocean by DNCE who’s nothing but Joe Jonas new band.

Interesting grown-up music choices I’ve made lately, right?

Turns out that 10 years later I’m still listening to the same people! Good news I’ve widen my repertoire too… However lots of songs from this artists had stick with me for quite some weeks, for instance take SWAAY album by DNCE that even though it just features 4 songs it’s killing it with singles as Cake by the ocean (which was funny to find out with James Corden what the title truly stands for) and Toothbrush which music video is enormously different from the previous single.

Actually, Toothbrush caused a digital-revolution when it was released starring plus-sized model Ashley Graham. It triggered media headers as Billboard‘s “Challenging beauty standards” in which they interviewed the model and she said:

“So often we see the typical ‘video girl’, who’s definitely not a size 14/16. It doesn’t accurately portray what our world looks like, especially because the average size woman is a size 14. It’s really important that all industries celebrate diversity, especially diverse body types.”

I beg to differ but even though there’s no common ‘video girl’ in here, the music video itself still doesn’t portrays what my world looks like! I’D WISH! Joe Jonas, New York City, morning dancing at his flat, night out kissing at a club, netflix and chill by the evening…

JK, seriously though this video does makes a statement: celebrate diversity, celebrate reality. And not reality tv where everything’s half true/half acted but just average moments, average people. Yeah, memorable celebrations.

No need to question next time we meet,
I know you’re coming home with me.