104 * Lights Down Low

The subtle surprise you get when you find an old acquaintance and realize how much he/she has changed, makes you think about the time gone and wonder if you’ve had changed as much…

I met MAX way before he no more needed a last-name to be known. Max Schneider, a Nickelodeon kid doing Youtube music covers with Kurt Hugo Schneider; my favorite cover of his was CRUISE by Florida Georgia Line and his medleys with Victoria Justice of Maroon V and Bruno Mars. Today I came across this song randomly, loved it and felt odd when I realized that I had once known the singer.

“Fuck that”. Next song I heard from him is Basement Party and automatically feel like I was officially invited into his new life-stage, I’m still kinda nostalgic while listening to his musical evolution but there’s no place for feeling blue after listening to Gibberish ft. Hoodie Allen and watching its interesting -reverse and forward- music video.

This kid is definitely talented, he sings and dances like a pro, so while most of his music isn’t far from the modern electro-pop trend at least his moves spice up his musical proposal. Still my chosen song from him is “Lights Down Low” which it’s a bit different from his other songs and I’d say its various videos are worth watching.

We’re just reckless kids
trying to find an island in the flood